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Alter Ego

for Tandem Collective
creative direction and design, branding, web design and development

After working on creative direction, design and branding of Tandem Collective’s hugely successful first F&B venture – A Poke Theory – I was approached to work on their new project – Alter Ego – together with friend and frequent collaborator, Miki Charwin.

A restaurant/cafe/bar concept with a focus on a duality of healthy, “clean” food by day and sinful bar grub by night – I had to express an almost schizophrenic character while keeping a visual coherence throughout the brand across platforms. 

The logo boldly uses negative space and uncontrolled glitches, alleviating Alter Ego's unapologetic voice. Colours adopted allow contrast between sinful and clean, unrestraint scrawls on walls, wares and labels, acting as an inner voice, giving way to indulgent conflicted persona in visual direction.

Layers of transparent film on the menu doubles as a guide to craft beers and other handwritten commentaries from the chefs and owners, alongside cheeky hand- drawn illustrations and sketches.

Business cards are remnant of blackout poetry, prose scratched out to highlight relevant information.
Alter Ego’s website embraces visual chaos and anarchy, breaking out of the often restritive, grid-focused layout of websites in favor of more visceral, organic, and almost uncomfortable layouts accented with glitchy animations.