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A City Without Snow

for Middle Class Cigars
creative direction and design, branding, marketing and pr

With contributions from 9 Singapore-based musicians, A City Without Snow is a Christmas compilation album consisting of seven original songs and two renditions of classics. Born from different emotional perspectives of the season, each composition is a musical vignette of a uniquely Singaporean Christmas. Released on Middle Class Cigars in 2016, the compilation encapsulates a collective dynamic of warm and intimate sounds of which the label thrives in.

One of the favorite things I worked on for this release was its series of two videos – one for Cosmic Child’s “0212” and another for Subsonic Eye’s “Holiday Depression Triggers” – that so perfectly captured the melancholy and warmth of spending Christmas in Singapore.

Aside from my usual branding and publicity responsibilities, I also worked closely with collage artist Trudy Gold on its cover, and shot some of my favorite product photographs of our tapes.

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Art Direction & Design by Raphael Ong
Album Artwork by Trudy Gold
Video by Raphael Ong & Lee Jing Wei