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 a self-published photo book for an underprivileged orphan i had met in sabah in 2012, featuring photos that he's taken and bringing his undiscovered talent to light. was printed and distributed in limited numbers. you can read it  here       Foreword     By Raphael Michael Ong     Energetic, spirited, playful and most of all, talented, are a few words to describe Thomas from the few cherished hours I had the joy of sharing with this undeniably lovable child. What captivated me even more, however, was something else - it was his impeccable sense of photographic composition and the sheer amount of thought he put into every photograph he took. Thomas’s photographs were not just snapshots; he paused before taking each photograph, put- ting light, framing, and composition into mind, and only after much consideration did he dare even touch the shutter button. At the very instant he picked up Cheryl’s camera, he roved around documenting the many latent moments unfolding before him, to painterly, picturesque landscapes and still life without hesitation or apprehension of any sort. He even grew quite attached to it and was rather reluctant to have to part with the camera that brought him such joy and delight. It was clear that he loved taking pictures, but more importantly, he did it   well  .     For the fact is that Thomas’s photographs were brilliant. His aptitude for capturing such natural emotions and scenes certainly is evidence of this talent of his - a great eye for photography. There is no doubt that God has blessed Thomas with this invaluable gift, and the youth of St. Mary of the Angels with the privilege of meeting him. As God’s chil- dren, it is only right that we should be as ardent as God would be in kindling this spark and growing this talent of his.     The title of this photo book, Illuminate, is derived from the aim of this book - first, to shed light to Thomas’s undis- covered but exceptional talent of photography; second, to celebrate this extraordinary gift from God bestowed unto his child; and last, a call to him to spread joy to the world and serve God through his talent and work. 
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 As the president of SGNewWave – a movement in film, I oversaw and worked on curating film screenings, producing editorial and online content while organising events and masterclasses with filmmakers and played an instrumental role in revamping its marketing and branding design. I also had the chance to network and learn the workings of the local and international film industry through various film festivals, such as the German Film Festival and Singapore International Film Festival.